Hand-delivered Legal Documents

Registration is free and there are no monthly costs or contracts to sign

Join our customers whose collections have increased due to switching to hand-delivered documents with irrefutable proof.

  • With a network of strategically located sub-contractors who act as our messengers, in all major cities, as well as outlying areas, we are able to hand deliver to most addresses within South Africa including townships.
  • We geocode the recipient’s address so it’s delivered to the correct location. We have managed to find and deliver to addresses others couldn’t find.
  • You automatically receive the GPS co-ordinates as well as photos real-time, as evidence of where the delivery took place.
  • The GPS co-ordinates can also be used to then serve summons.
  • Recipients can’t ignore the letter like they do with registered mail.
  • For bulk sending, email us your recipient list and template for free merging and submission on your behalf.

Evidence of Delivery & Time using GPS tracking & signature or photos

How it works.


Registration is free. Register then submit your legal documents online anytime 24/7 365 days a year without waiting for any manual intervention. 


You will receive an automatic email which acts as your Proof of Sending and allows you to track your delivery online anytime.


When the document is delivered you receive an automatic real-time email with your Proof of Delivery (POD) attached.