Sending a legal letter shows you mean business.

Providing proof of delivery is our business.

Our Services

Upload your legal document on our website and it will be automatically sent out for hand-delivery to door. Photo and GPS Proof emailed with every delivery. Bulk merging also available with proof per delivery.

*Contracts often require both parties to choose a domicilium citandi et executandi (often referred to simply as domicilium or domicile). A domicilium is a Latin legal term meaning an address nominated or chosen by you in a legal contract at which you elect to receive a summons or any legally required notice. It must be a physical address and not a postal address. All notices, like a Section 129 notice enforcing a credit agreement, may be forwarded to this address. Proof of dispatch is sufficient evidence that the document was delivered or the process duly served. A court of law will consider this evidence when deciding the matter and if satisfied, may grant judgment.
Ombudsman Consumer Note 11 – Address for Service

Registered Email Provides Proof of Sending, Proof of Delivery, Proof of Content and Proof of Time Sent and Received. We also offer a merge facility making it easy to send out letters with out the hassle of having to prepare each document individually. Send one at a time online or send bulk. Attached pdf documents can be password protected with the recipients ID number and the email encrypted for protection of personal information. Bulk packages can be tailored to each individual customers needs. 

Bulk Legal Document Deliveries

Supply us with the wording for your documents and a list of all of the recipients you would like to send to. We will merge them free of charge for over 20 recipients, and send them out for hand-delivery.

Fastmail Deliveries

Our Fastmail Service is often used when the last known or domicilium address cannot be physically located. This service will NOT provide you with Proof of Delivery. You will receive a copy of the Legal Notice for your records and Proof of Sending through the Post Office.

Photo Evidence

Used when you are needing consensual photos. Owners permission is required for interior photos. Example:
– Let us take photos before and after tenants move in to ensure there is evidence to claim deductions from a tenants deposit.
– Want to get genuine photos of a potential property you want to buy? No special lenses to make rooms bigger. No digital editing.
– Want to confirm if a business still exists at a premises? Let us check and take photo evidence.

Geocoding is the process of converting addresses into geographic coordinates. Address scrubbing is the process of correcting and verifying addresses. There are several methods for address scrubbing and geocoding, each with various measures of accuracy and therefore usefulness towards specific applications. Read more here.

Single and Bulk SMS Service

Send single sms’s online. Simply register for access. For Bulk SMS’s or Emails provide us with your wording and recipients, and we’ll do the rest. You will receive a full report when the batch is complete.